The Final Judgment

In order to finalize your divorce you will need to complete a few more forms. They are known as the Judgment Forms and are the most important documents that you will file. They are:

The Declaration of Uncontested Dissolution Form should be completed only if you want your divorce judgment by mail. This form tells the court exactly what you would say if you went to court in person. If you would rather have a court hearing, then you do not need this form.

The Judgment Form contains all the judgment terms which should include all the information that was in your Petition and Property Declaration Forms.

The Notice of Entry of Judgment Form states what kind of judgment it is gives the dates when the judgment was entered and the date the marriage ended.

The Martial Settlement Form should be signed by you and your spouse. This written agreement states how everything in you case will be divided. If there is agreement between you and your spouse about the division of your property, then you will not have to go to court. Once all the forms have been signed and completed they must be filed with the Court Clerk. After 6 months and 1 day have passed since the original petition was served, the court will send you your Final Judgment Divorce Certificate. When you receive this document, your divorce is finalized.